Warranty & Returns

Warranty and Return

Dell Factory Outlet (DFO) products undergo a complete Quality Check (QC) by IT professionals before the products are shipped out. The QC comprises of a broad functional test for hardware along with a physical check to detect any errors or damage. 


However, if upon using the product from 1 year of purchase (from the date of invoice) you encounter any hardware related problem (NOT related to a physical damage) you may contact dell customer care in Thailand at 1800-006-007 (toll free number) or 026-707-250 (non toll free number).
Note: Warranty is applicable in Thailand ONLY. Suntech International will not be responsible for any products taken outside Thailand.

What does the warranty cover? 

  • Defects in hardware that affect the functionality of the product

What does the warranty NOT cover? 

  • Defects caused by physical damage to the product by accident, abuse or external products not sold with the product
  • Parts or components in the product that have been replaced after purchase – every hardware in a product comes with a unique serial number, warranty will be void for the part that doesn’t match the original specification and serial number
  • Products with altered or missing serial numbers/service tags
  • Hardware that have irreversible personal designs on it. For example, damaging vinyl skins on LCD.
  • Any software installed by you that does not come with the original specifications

Warranty claim process

  1. Call Dell technical support via a local Thai number 1800-006-007 (toll free number) or 026-707-250 (non toll free number)
  2. Provide the Dell technical staff with the unique service tag and express service code (that can be found on the back of your device). Alternatively, you can check the express service code/service tag of your device by visiting https://www.dell.com/support/home/si/en/sicorp1/ and selecting the “Detect PC” button
  3. The Dell technical support staff will perform a diagnostic of the problem with your help, giving you instructions by phone
  4. Based on the problem, the staff will advise any steps that need to be followed and issue a service request.
  5. Types of warranty include
    • On-site service –  the technician will repair the device at your home/office
    • Advanced exchange – the partner delivery company will come to your location for replacing the device
    • Shop warranty – replacement warranty provided by Suntech international

All servicing may take 2-5 days based on part availability and your provided service location. It is advised you ask the technical team upon first point of contact for complete information on repair. 

All factory outlet devices come with a non-extendable and non-transferrable warranty. Some warranty may exceed or fall short of 1 year. For better knowledge about the type and duration of warranty, check the system specification for each product prior to purchase.


Customer needs to notify us within 3 days and return products within 7 days from delivery in its original state and packaging only. Unless the product is damaged upon delivery that cannot be fixed using Dell Warranty, 15% will be deducted from the selling price of the product.

Returns should be managed and paid for by the customer via personal logistics or Kerry, and approved by Suntech International. Once the product arrives at our office, the technician will QC and check the condition. If the product is in its original state and condition, the refund will be processed within 10 working days. Customers will receive an update on every step of the process.

Please email us at sales@suntechintl.com or call us at 02 267 0219 for more details.