About Us

About us

Suntech International is an Authorized dealer of Dell (DFO) and other IT products. Our aim is to provide the Thailand market with good quality IT products at affordable prices. We are the only authorized company in Thailand selling Dell Factory Outlet (also known as dell refurbished) products and take pride in our vast network of suppliers that assist us in maintaining competitive prices.

Reduce e-waste

Why should you buy Dell Factory Outlet products?

  • All DFO products come with on-site warranty from Dell Thailand
  • Products are 20-30% cheaper from the original market price
  • Dell is a trusted brand worldwide.

We accept preorders!
We can provide you with almost all Dell Products and our staff work hard to fulfil your requirements. If you don’t see the product you want on our store then feel free to email us at sales@suntechintl.com or call us at 02 267 0219 for more information  

What are Factory Outlet Products and Grading?

Dell outlet products helps reduce e-waste! The products maybe new or temporarily used before it is sent to the Dell factory. At the factory every product is tested to ensure it runs smoothly based on its original specifications. After products arrive the factory, the parts that are not functional are replaced and the products are repackaged with adapters and cables. Unlike second hand products, factory outlet products are completely original and every hardware within product is registered and approved by Dell. 

The outlet products come with 1 year warranty or less from Dell Thailand instead of 2 or 3 year warranty.

Read More About Warranty

Grading System

During the Quality Check (QC) process, our team fully tests all hardware and segregates the body frame into grades. All product description will mention the grade with system specifications.


Products have a good-as-new cosmetic condition. There will be no direct visible scratches or blemishes and the product will be fully functional.


These products will have some cosmetic faults that include scratches, blemishes, and shiny keys. The damage is sometimes barely visible under normal light. However, all Grade B products are equally functional as Grade A and includes the same warranty support. Cosmetic blemishes will have no effect to the system performance. Pricing on Grade B products will be lower than Grade A products. 

Feel free to Contact Us to view images of blemishes/scratches before purchasing the product